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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

May 2020

I offer a free telephone consultation if you book a call back consultation on my web site.

Following this, my services are provided on a paid basis, using a fixed fee, any extra hours

after, I charge £60 per hour, or part of.


All, fixed fees or hourly charge must be paid before any work is started unless a prior

agreement of payment plan has been arranged.

If you want advice only and would like me to read documents regarding your case, then this

service has to be paid in advance, in an hourly fee.


The minimum block of time accepted is 1 hour.

If you wish to cancel after you have already paid for a service, you understand that there will

be no refund.

For the initial reading of documents, I have included this in a fixed fee, however, depending

on the complexity of case, it may take more time and a further fee of £60 an hour will be


If there are any extra charges, I will always advise you in advance.

I am not trained in Law, and make no representations of this kind,

regarding advice and suggestions, and I am not personally responsible or liable for decisions made by you, the

court or other parties.

I reserve the right to terminate or suspend the McKenzie Friend service at any

time and for any reason, if I feel that you are someone whom I cannot support.


My Fees are non - negotiable

I will at all times provide support in a respectful, honest, transparent manner. I expect to be

treated in a similar manner by my clients.


All Fees must be payable in advance of any work started on your case.

If your Court Hearing is postponed or rescheduled, whilst we are already at court. You will

have to pay again for me to support you in court and my travel expenses also


If your Court Hearing is postponed prior to the hearing date, you will have to pay me £100 to

change dates as it is likely that I have refused work.

By reading this, you acknowledge these stated terms and conditions and you agree that this

is the basis that I provide my McKenzie Friend Service on.

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