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Get to Know Me

Deborah Harry 




SW (Master in Social Work)

BA (Hons)Sociology Psychology

AET (Award in Education and Training)

QCF (Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment. (Work Based)



I have worked as a statutory qualified social worker from 2003

until 2007, and from 2007 to 2016 as a senior social worker,

mainly in front line child protection and assessment duty teams.

I have worked in a variety of

settings within a framework of relevant legislation and procedures, supporting children and families applying early intervention work

aimed at prevention. 

I have conducted interviews to assess and review a child’s needs

and complete appropriate care plans. I have also conducted

numerous S47 child protection investigations; some jointly with

police and have represented many Boroughs in court up to High

Court where I have been commended. 

My qualifications include, BA(Hons) Sociology with Psychology,

Master’s in Social Work, Award in Education and Training,

Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement. I have also

completed various training programmes including Safeguarding,

PAMS, CAADA. Pre-birth and Parenting Assessments to

ascertain parents’ capacity to change; and understand the

concerns when considering complex issues including, but not

limited to; substance misuse, domestic abuse, learning difficulties,

sexual abuse, and parental mental health.

I have been responsible for providing in house training in:

Attachment, Boundaries, Safeguarding, Key Working, Child

development, Teenage Drug Dependency, Working with Drugs,

Working with Gang members, long term effects of Domestic

Abuse on children, and other courses within the social care remit,

such as Attachment and Positive parenting. I left Social Work in

2016 to fulfil a dream of mine to use the skills I had developed

working within the community with my own business. Taking

referrals including Positive Parenting, Family Court Case work,

Life Story Work,


I have worked within the family court system during this time and understand the legalities and the difficulties faced if a parent cannot afford legal fees if being denied contact by the ex-partner. 

Going to court can be a stressful experience. It can be made easier by using a regulated lawyer such as a solicitor. But not everyone can hire a lawyer. Sometimes, the only option might be to represent yourself in court. If you represent yourself, having someone who can encourage and help you in court can make a big difference. People who offer this sort of support are known as McKenzie Friends. Let me be your McKensie friend.

Father and Son
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