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Deborah Harry

Court Services

Court Work

Services we offer involve Family Court work, including:

  • Child Arrangement Orders and case work.

  • Shared Care Applications

  • Cases involving allegations of Domestic Abuse

  • Grandparents Rights

  • Parental Alienation Cases

  • Transfer of residency.

  • Divorce Application and case work.

  • Benefit Appeals

  • Immigration Appeals

Life coaching

What problems do you have? What are the goals that you are not reaching right now? What are the challenges you have, which are stopping you make the changes you need.  If it is a problem, with yourself, family or others, at work, with addictions, and you want to. make some changes for the better. I can help you take the steps in order for you to reach the goal that you want to get to.  I do this using Solution Focused Therapy, which helps you forget the past and help you move on to a better place.

No matter where you are in the world I can help you help yourself.


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Family Court Support 

Many people feel very daunted when wording a letter of intention to an ex-partner. Sometimes their emotions get the better of them. I am able to produce you a letter with factual information which is clear and concise stating your proposal and what you expect, for the best possible outcome for your you and your child/ren.


If you have no recourse to public fund and cannot afford a solicitor to appeal to the home office decision. Please contact me as I can help and guide you through the immigration system, to help you overturn the decision to let you stay in UK.

Family Court Applications

Putting in a court application can be very confusing if you do not know the family court's process. I am able to complete the application for you and email back to you within 24 hours for you to send to court.

 I will also be able to guide you before and whilst you are actually in court, presenting your case. I come to court with you as your Mckenzie Friend and will ensure that you are prepared for every eventuality prior to your court appearance. 

Case work

In order for you to make a good case, it is necessary for you to complete a court statement, which is clear and professional, without portraying emotions against your ex partner. A position statement, as the name suggests, is a statement which outlines your position. A position statement is not unique to family court proceedings; however, in this context it is a particularly useful tool for litigants in person to convey their position regarding a particular family court hearing which they are involved in, whether it is a child arrangements application, or a divorce application.

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I am able to help you make the initial application for court. If you cant afford a solicitor, I can fill you in with the legislation you need to get a positive outcome. We offer tailored packages to suit you. We appreciate that going through a divorce can be distressing. We take time to explain the procedure relating to divorce law and how best to obtain a divorce with minimum fuss. We also listen to your concerns and prepare your case in order for you to be able to represent yourself.

Most importantly you will not be out of pocket as you would be if you could hire a solicitor or barrister. We are a small company and able to keep our costs low, for less than a third of the cost of a solicitor.  

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